Our Projects

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Procurement mobile application

We also created a procurement mobile application with all the modules which are available in the web.

We used flutter for the mobile application.

Procurement web application

We created a procurement web application where user can create requisition, manage requisition approve requisition, track requisition, view RFP, generate P.O, view reports, vendor enroll etc.

The web application is slick and elegant. We used ReactJS + Redux for front end and Java for the backend.

Form builder + Form renderer

We created a form builder as per client's request. A form builder is a platform for a person who does not know coding. A form can be created directly by dragging and droping the components from the sidebar. User can add validation and add the endpoint where the form is going to be submitted. After completing the form, a JSON is created which will be used by form renderer to render the from. A from renderer is to render the form created by form builder.

We used ReactJS to create the form builder and form renderer.

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